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The indie pop conglomerate, Transmigration, takes notes from Interpol and Coldplay, delivering an alternative experience that surpasses the expectations of even the hippest London West End crowds, while deigning to come down to the level of such trendy players as Oasis-takeoff John Bob’s Lunchbox. Transmigration, managed by Raymond A. Pena, formerly of the media management mega-firm Walton and Clash, left the organization in order to take over this up and coming act.

The London Times compares Transmigration to a night out with friends you haven’t seen since 1994, in the Meatpacking district of New York when you have only $10 between you and it’s all in Rupees. The effort it takes to find out where this band is playing pays off when you guess the right feed and give the doorman the password.

The show is usually a high-energy yet intimate performance by the bearded musical geniuses who effortlessly produce experiences instead of just playing songs. While the front man, who’s known just as Goodweather, seems to tame this armada of free spirits, he somehow leads the show while not stealing the spotlight from each individual band member. He also loves to collect unique items, like thermometers, alarm clocks which he really loves. Each player brings their own style to the table, while each song maintains its cohesion.

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