In 2015, Transmigration is slated to appear at over 30 venues to perform their newest tracks. The tour, being called alternately, “Hammer on the Unicorn,” and “Down with Downing Street”, will no doubt engage their fans. During their first performance at the Reading Music Festival, Goodweather’s gout flared up, leading fans to chant outside his yurt in hopes of his rapid recovery. At the last moment, after the Festival organizers had sadly announced the cancellation of the set, Goodweather appeared, victorious, dressed in his typical burgundy smoking jacket and top hat, and waving enthusiastically to fans.

Bassist Cedric Mullholland ran afoul with police in Jamaica Plains prior to the August performance when he drunkenly attempted to feed his mascot pet cat, Marmalade, whipped cream. The arrest, on charges of indecent exposure and animal cruelty, created fan backlash. The band staged an intervention after Marmalade’s memorial service, which resulted in Mullholland’s sobriety for the remainder of the tour. The band’s previously scheduled appearance at The Pet Shoppe in San Francisco was canceled.

Venue, LocationDateMore Info
Reading Music Festival, Reading UK       August 28Stage 51
The Hot Puppy Lounge, Jamaica Plains, NYCAugust 29 
The Pet Shoppe, San Francisco, CAAugust 30 
With the Iceland Symphony OrchestraAugust 30 
The Public House, Norfolk, VASeptember 1The back room
Opening for Medicine Forest, Strange Matter, Richmond, VASeptember 10    
The Purple Turtle, Reading, EnglandOctober 4 
The Lightbulb, Dayton, OHNovember 12


Hollis Plays, China Town, NYCNovember 13 
Mountain of Smoke, Denver, CO              December 1